Tips for a Smoother Move with Kids

It’s a universal truth: moving to a new home can be overwhelming and stressful. When you add kids to the equation, that stress can multiply exponentially! Here’s how you can make your impending move smoother for every member of the family.

Before you move

The best way to prepare your kids is to talk to them about it and get them involved!

  • Discuss the move. Often. Make sure you sit down with your children and discuss the impending move. While your kids may have gone on home tours with you, knowing you will actually be moving makes the idea real. Answer any questions they may have and ensure everything will be okay.
  • Keep it positive. Whenever you talk about your move, do so with a positive attitude. Emphasize the new things they’ll be able to do or have in the new home and what they can look forward to doing in their new neighborhood.
  • Get your kids involved. Let your kids help with packing their rooms. It’s a great opportunity to show them how to pack correctly. If you can, visit your new home and talk to them about how they’d like to decorate their new rooms. The more involved children are in the process, the more they’ll feel like they have some sense of control.
  • Create a moving day plan. Talk to your kids about what to expect with the move, even if you prearranged childcare for younger children. This will help get them used to, and hopefully excited for, the idea of moving and give you a chance to identify and address any potential anxiety.

During your move

It’s moving day! Now is the time to put your plans into action.

  • Pack a “First Night Bag.” Moves are rarely completed the same day so pack a bag for all the essentials and toiletries your kids will need in their new home. Make sure this bag is packed in the car!
  • Get childcare. If you have younger children, do yourself a favor and arrange for childcare on moving day. This will allow you to focus on the move itself instead of trying to balance your attention with keeping younger kids entertained and out of the way.
  • Give everyone a job. This keeps older kids involved during the move. Recruit them to get water for the movers or help with the final cleaning touches before leaving the house.

After your move

Now that moving day is over, it’s time to settle into your new home.

  • Unpack kids’ rooms first. You may be tired, but the best way to help ease the transition into a new home is setting up your children’s bedrooms first. This will give them a little bit of the familiar in an unfamiliar place. You can also unpack the playroom as well.
  • Get back on routine. Kids thrive on routines so try to get back to your old routine for meals and bedtime to help with the transition.
  • Explore the neighborhood. Get children acquainted with their new neighborhood. Take a family walk to discover what your neighborhood has and find new fun places together.

With a little preparation and TLC, you can make the transition into a new home smoother for the whole family.

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