Work from Home in Style

A home office has quickly become a must-have item on our homebuyers’ wish lists. Many people are looking for a dedicated space to work from home either as part of running a business, remote working, or even to just pay bills and manage the household or have a space set aside for a hobby.

Oftentimes, we don’t use the same kind of energy we use decorating the rest of our house when it comes down to decorating our home offices. Which means the home office tends to be one of the most neglected spaces in our homes! Who wants to work in a blah room (and that’s probably why you’ve been working in the living room instead)?

When you take the time to create a comfortable work environment, you’ll be inspired (and excited) to spend each day in your home office. Whether you have a dedicated home office or an alcove, use these decorating tips to create a home office space that will boost productivity and inspire new ideas.

Create a space that reflects your personality

Your office is an extension of your home so decorate it with the same themes you’ve already used.  Make your home office your own by creating a space that reflects your personality. Paint the walls (or an accent wall) a color you love, choose furnishings that appeal to you, and accessorize to your hearts content.

Let light in

Good lighting is essential. Having the right type of lighting makes working easier and healthier. Having enough light can reduce eye strain and headaches while working on the computer as well as boosting your mood. Natural light is ideal but it’s not a deal breaker!

If your office is in a location that gets plenty of natural light, make sure to position your computer monitor to reduce the chance of glare from the windows or overhead light. Even if you have plenty of natural light, you’ll still need to supplement your lighting with a combination of general and task lighting. This will be essential for cloudy days and those late work nights.

Stay Organized

A messy desk can increase stress and zap your energy. Consider how you work and your organization style to create the right organization system that works for you. Use cups or trays to corral paper and smaller items like paper clips, pens. If you prefer having a clean desk, choose a drawer to hold your pending papers. Or reduce paper by going digital as much as possible!

Add greenery

In short: plants make people happier. Not only are plants beautiful, they also keep you feeling relaxed and calm as well as clean the air. Indoor plants offer another great way to personalize your space with decorative pots and vases.

Create a comfy space

If you have the space, consider creating a comfy seating area that’s separate from your desk. Place a nice comfy chair or sofa in the room. Not only does this give you another place to sit and work, it also provides a place to relax

Remember that part of the luxury of a home office is that you’re at home! Embrace your personal style to create a well-designed space you won’t mind working in. These tips should help you create a perfectly functional and stylish home office.