Simplicity’s Worker Housing structures are made of quality materials are durable and built on-site to last for years to come.  The farm worker housing units comply with H-2A Federal Housing requirements for temporary agricultural labor forces here in the United States. Simplicity Homes offers a value driven solution for whatever price point you need.

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The 12/16 Man Bunk House

Self-Contained Living Quarters, Sleeps 12-16 | Approx. 1512 Sq. Ft.

2 Story: 24 Man Worker Duplex

Self-Contained Living Quarters | Sleeps 24 | Approx. 1920 Sq. Ft. Per Side – 3840 Total

30 Man Common Building

Kitchen, Bath and Laundry | Approx 912 Sq. Ft.

50 Man Common Building

Kitchen, Bath & Laundry | Approx 1560 Sq. Ft.