A Home that We Stand Behind

You have probably heard stories about General Contractors that never quite finish your home, a doorknob left off the master bedroom closet, a missing cabinet door, and the list goes on.  To ensure that when the keys are handed over, we are confident that every item has been thoroughly reviewed and inspected, Our Construction Project Managers prepare for the New Home Orientation by completing the 100% Quality Inspection Checklist consisting of over 300 items that are reviewed, checked off, and certified complete.  This detailed process ensures that your home is delivered complete.

On New Home Orientation (NHO) day, a one-on-one, on-site meeting with the Construction Project Manager is scheduled to familiarize the homeowner with their new home and instruct on the operation and homeowner maintenance of all the installed equipment and systems. The NHO also provides an opportunity to explain the details of the builder warranty.

With thousands of parts and pieces that go into constructing a new home, there are bound to be a few things that come up during the first year that need to be addressed.  Our Warranty Care Program ensures that we are here long after receiving the keys to your new home.  We include a one-year builder warranty tracked through our state-of-the-art technology, logging each customer service item to ensure that any item reported is recorded.