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Interested in building with Simplicity?  We’d love to connect with you. Please call us at 877.417.4675 or let us get to know you a bit more by leaving us a message using the form below.

Simplicity has a team of seasoned, salaried, customer-focused Sales Representatives and Construction Project Managers located strategically throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Click the Oregon, Washington or Idaho tabs at the bottom of this page to find a Sales Representative in the area you are interested in building.  Our Sales Representative will setup an appointment at one of our 30+ furnished model homes and provide you with the opportunity to view the features, selections, and surfaces we offer – and start the ball rolling towards completing your goal of building on your own land.


Building is Complex. We Make it Simple.

Home Builders in Redmond Oregon, Boise Idaho, & WashingtonIf you have existing land that you want to build on, Simplicity by Hayden Homes offers a turn-key solution to building your new home. We simplify an otherwise complex process and make it easy for you every step of the way. You start with one point of contact, your Sales Representative, who guides you through the entire building process. They will help you choose a floor plan, select your unique color choices and coordinate with your Construction Project Manager to ensure an on-time, on-budget home delivery.


At Simplicity, our Mission is the driving force behind everything we do: “With integrity we strive to build value driven, high quality homes. Our team-centric professionals are dedicated to providing an unparalleled customer experience.”

Building Homes, Building Communities
Simplicity by Hayden Homes creates more than just houses.  Our Team Members take pride in the communities we live and work in, and actively contribute to First Story.  This not for profit organization was established to provide housing assistance to deserving families in communities in which we build.  90% of our Team Members generously contribute to this worthwhile fund, while Hayden Homes provides a 100% company match.  To learn more about First Story CLICK HERE.


Simplicity by Hayden Homes is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Company


A Home that We Stand Behind

You have probably heard stories about General Contractors that never quite finish your home, a door knob left off the master bedroom closet, a missing cabinet door, and the list goes on.  To ensure that when the keys are handed over we are confident that each and every item has been thoroughly reviewed and inspected, Our Construction Project Managers prepare for the New Home Orientation by completing the 100% Quality Inspection Checklist consisting of over 300 items that are reviewed, checked off, and certified complete.  This detailed process ensures that your home is delivered complete.

On New Home Orientation (NHO) day, a one-on-one, on-site meeting with the Construction Project Manager is scheduled to familiarize the homeowner with their new home and instruct on the operation and homeowner maintenance of all the installed equipment and systems. The NHO also provides an opportunity to explain the details of the builder warranty.

With thousands of parts and pieces that go into the construction of a new home, there are bound to be a few things that come up during the first year that need to be addressed.  Our Warranty Care Program ensures that we are here long after you receive the keys to your new home.  We include a one year builder warranty that is tracked through our state-of-the-art technology, logging each customer service item to ensure that any item reported is recorded.   At 11 months our Customer Service Technician will reach out to schedule a convenient time to complete all of the items at once to minimize the interruption of workers in your home.

CLICK HERE to submit a Warranty Service Request

Download the Simplicity New Home Warranty

At Simplicity, we believe friends and family members make the very best neighbors and we think you’ll agree. Invite your friends and family members to experience the quality and craftsmanship of a new Simplicity home, and you could gain more than just a great neighbor. . .

Through our Friends and Family Program, for every person that you send our way that buys a Simplicity home, you receive a $500 VISA gift card!

Refer a Friend

Referrer (Your) Contact Information

Referred Friend or Family Member (Homebuyer) Information


Thank you for referring your Friends and Family to Simplicity Homes. Please note that the Friends and Family Referral Program is subject to the terms below, and that the terms listed supersede any other verbal or written communication regarding instructions of the program.

1. To be eligible, the Referring Party must fill out the online referral form prior to their friend/family member’s initial visit to a Simplicity Model Home or Contact with a Simplicity New Home Advisor.  The form can be found by pressing the ‘Online Referral Form’ button in the right column of this page.  Gift Cards will not be granted for referrals submitted after the friend/family member’s initial contact or visit.

2. The Customer’s acknowledgement is required at the time of the contract to confirm that they were referred by the Referring Party.

3. Gift Cards will be delivered to the Referring Party the month following the start of construction.  If the contract is cancelled, no gift card will be granted.

4. For each New Simplicity Home purchased and closed, one Gift Card will be awarded to the Referring Party.

5. The Referring Party will receive one VISA Gift Card which will hold its value for six months, before gradually decreasing in value in keeping with VISA Gift Card protocol.

6. The Friends and Family program is only applicable to 2nd party referrals. You cannot refer yourself or another member of your own household.

7. Simplicity Homes reserves the right to retract this offer at any time should any information provided by either party prove to be false or misleading. This program is at the sole discretion of Simplicity by Hayden Homes and may be eliminated or changed without notice.

8. There is a maximum of one gift card per referral on any one transaction. If there are multiple referrers (i.e. multiple individuals recommending the same referee (friend or family member)) only one referrer gift card will be given. This will be determined by the Customer.  Referrals will be valid for one full year from date of submittal.

9. Realtors receiving a referral fee on the sale of a Simplicity home will not be eligible to receive a Friends & Family referral gift card.

10. Referrals apply to new contracts written after Friends and Family Program start date of September 1, 2008. These program guidelines were last updated on 1-9-19. If you are revisiting this page, please review all the above guidelines for the latest details.

Excellence in Home Building Begins with a Talented Team

Ken Brodeck President
Matt Vancoutren Construction Director
Brenna Glass Operations Director
Shay Kahl Sales Director
Rob Nalle Worker Housing Sales Washington
Kristin Thronson New Home Advisor, Woodland, Washington
Katie Metzker New Home Advisor, Salem, Oregon
Jeff Munther New Home Advisor, Eugene, Oregon
Josh Chambless New Home Advisor, Redmond, Oregon
Gavin Rogers New Home Advisor, Redmond, Oregon
TJ Bowles New Home Advisor, Treasure Valley Idaho
Reid Wilmotte New Home Advisor, Spokane, Washington
Dana Shinpaugh New Home Advisor, TriCities, Washington

People tell us that we are among the Best Places to Work in the Northwest. We believe them.

If you are looking for a rewarding career in the construction industry, one where you wake up each day excited about your job, Simplicity by Hayden Homes may be the place for you! If you’re willing to take on a challenge, and go the extra mile, we’d love to have you on our team.

View our current career opportunities below; interested professionals are encouraged to submit a cover letter, resume and completed application by clicking on the “Apply” button and following the instructions.  To complete our application, please visit our application platform located HERE.

Simplicity Project Manager (Central OR)


Simplicity Marketing Specialist (Redmond, OR)


Simplicity New Home Advisor (Boise, ID)


Simplicity Customer Service Manager (Redmond, OR)


Simplicity Senior Financial Accountant (Redmond, OR)


Simplicity New Home Advisor (Woodland, WA)


Simplicity Project Manager  (Wenatchee, WA)


Simplicity New Home Advisor (Medford, OR)


Simplicity Project Manager (Medford, OR)


Have a Question? We’re here for you!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Submit a question, or call us: 877-417-4675


WHY SHOULD I BUILD WITH SIMPLICITY?  Great question! The answer is…only you can decide if we’re the right builder for you. At Simplicity, we strive to make the process as transparent as possible, putting the knowledge in your hands to make the decision that’s best for you. Also, we believe in WYSIWYG! (Translation: What You See is What You Get!) You may have noticed that we offer transparent pricing via our online Instant Quote tool; you won’t find any hidden or unpublished costs with us. We encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary Homesite Evaluation, where a New Home Advisor will walk your site with you and discuss the possibilities and any potential challenges. From the time you make first contact, our goal is to meet you where you are and give you what you need to make the best decision for your family.

PRO TIP:  Ask lots of questions!  There are no ‘silly questions’ when you are choosing a home builder. A home purchase is the largest most people make in a lifetime. Even the smallest detail matters if it matters to you.

IS MY HOMESITE EVALUATION REALLY FREE?  YES!  Knowing what’s possible with your homesite is a crucial part of the building process – and we want you to start off on the right foot.  If you own land or have identified a few properties you’re interested in, we’d love to walk your site and discuss your options. Not all land is created equal – and bringing in one of our New Home Advisors to assess the buildability of your land before you’ve moved too far down the process can help you identify (and avoid) challenges that could equal tens of thousands in additional site prep cost. This is also a great opportunity to begin building your budget.

PRO TIP:  You know the saying “too good to be true”? If you find a piece of land that is considerably less expensive than others in the area, there is probably a reason.


HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? Building a new home is an extraordinary thing. Dozens of people with various specialties all work in unison toward the goal of delivering you a place that you will call home. As you can imagine, there are several factors that determine how long the process will take. Here are a few examples:

  1. Length of time your City or County will take to process building permits
  2. Lender or appraisal hurdles
  3. Sub-contractor availability
  4. Level of difficulty to develop your land
  5. Availability and location of utilities

Knowing these factors (and more) can largely affect your build-time, we can estimate that the typical residential build-time from the time your foundation is poured to the day the City/County will deliver your Certificate of Occupancy is around 5 months.

PRO TIP:  Give yourself a grace period on your closing date. If you’re moving out of a home into your new home, give yourself some wiggle room. The closer you get to your closing date, the better your chance of receiving an accurate move-in date.


WHAT IS AN ‘ON YOUR LAND’ HOME BUILD?  Short and sweet, you supply the land, we build the home.

PRO TIP:  Building ‘on your land’ is a great way to get the home plan and features you want, in the location you desire. Building with Simplicity will offer you both of those things, at a great value.


WHEN I USE THE INSTANT QUOTE TOOL, HOW ACCURATE IS THE PRICING? Our website is tied directly into our back-end Construction Management System. (Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?) What this means to you is that the pricing you see on the Instant Quote is the same pricing our New Home Advisors use when pricing out your building contract.

PRO TIP:  Price out different combinations of features, upgrades and home plans by submitting as many Instant Quotes as you’d like. There’s no limit, and each one will be emailed to you so you can do a side-by-side comparison.


HOW DO I KNOW WHAT BUILDING ON MY LAND WILL COST?  We’re available to help you gather the figures needed to build a budget.  Most budgets will look like this:

Home Price (use your Instant Quote) + Site Development + Permit/Utility Fees + Land = COST TO BUILD

PRO TIP:  Building a budget early on in the process is important so you can avoid issues like compromising on features if it turns out your land is going to need more site prep than you had anticipated. Don’t forget, we’ll come out and meet you to conduct a complimentary Homesite Evaluation. From there, you’ll have some information to begin building your budget.


HOW IS SIMPLICITY ABLE TO OFFER SUCH A GOOD VALUE? We get it – and we did say earlier that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! Here’s the deal: together, Simplicity and Hayden Homes are the largest privately-held Home Builder in the Pacific Northwest. How does this benefit you? Because we build at such a high volume, we have incredible purchasing power with our vendors and suppliers. We pass that value on to you, which equals lower prices and added features other builders can’t offer.

PRO TIP:  Shop around – we mean it. Go to other builders, compare their pricing with ours, discover what’s included and what you’ll be paying extra for with those other guys. Consider fees, sweat equity options, and look at what people are saying online.