Must-Have Features to Look for If You Love to Entertain

Are you someone who loves to have your friends or family over frequently? Maybe you’re an avid home entertainer and would love to design your space to make hosting easier. Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or enjoy watching movies and playing games with loved ones, certain features can make your new build home the perfect … read more “Must-Have Features to Look for If You Love to Entertain”

How to Budget to Build Your New Home

Building a new home is an exciting prospect. Choosing your own style, finishes, and colors is a dream come true for many homebuyers. However, it can also be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the financial aspect of it. Creating a budget for your new home can be a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have … read more “How to Budget to Build Your New Home”

Advantages of Building a New Home

Are you considering building a new home from scratch? Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or looking to upgrade, building a new home can be an exciting and fulfilling process. You have the opportunity to design and build your dream home from scratch. While building a new construction home may take longer than buying an existing … read more “Advantages of Building a New Home”

Exploring the Most Popular Kitchen Layouts

A well-planned kitchen is essential for cooking delicious meals and creating memorable moments with loved ones. Whether you have a large space to work with, or something more intimate, there’s sure to be the perfect layout out there to suit your lifestyle needs. From cozy galley kitchens that draw on storage solutions of the olden … read more “Exploring the Most Popular Kitchen Layouts”

Tips for Choosing Your Homesite and Planning a Homesite Evaluation

Building a home from the ground up is an exciting prospect, but it involves a lot of steps and considerations. One of the most important steps in new construction homebuilding is the homesite evaluation, which is the third step in the Simplicity Homebuilding Journey. Simplicity offers a free homesite evaluation, which assesses the property where … read more “Tips for Choosing Your Homesite and Planning a Homesite Evaluation”

Can I Build an ADU on My Property?

What is an ADU? ADU is a term that we use a lot in the homebuilding industry, but what are they? Some terms you may be more familiar with may be:  In-law suites Guesthouses Secondary suites Or even tiny homes. ADUs are accessory dwelling units, and they are more than just homes for your parents … read more “Can I Build an ADU on My Property?”

Tiny Home Builders in Oregon

Tiny Home Builders in Oregon Everyone’s heard the saying “bigger is better” in reference to homes, but going big isn’t for everyone — which is why at Simplicity, we suggest you can live big in a tiny home! What is a Tiny Home? If you aren’t familiar with tiny homes, they are exactly what they … read more “Tiny Home Builders in Oregon”

Value vs Price per Square Foot

Value vs Price per Square Foot When buying a new home, we are all interested in a key question: “What’s the price per square foot?” However,  there are a lot of other metrics you can use to find the perfect builder and home for your family. Today, we’ll be exploring the difference between value and … read more “Value vs Price per Square Foot”

Can I Build a Home in the Winter?

There’s a misconception that homes can’t be built in the winter especially in the cold, snowy, and rainy Pacific Northwest. But that’s just not true. New construction continues throughout the winter months which means you don’t have to wait until spring to start building your dream home. Building new homes year-round New construction is a … read more “Can I Build a Home in the Winter?”

Sweat Equity in On-Your-Land Homebuilding

With on-your-land homebuilding, the industry-standard encourages customers to perform “sweat equity” with a goal of saving thousands of dollars and creating an instant equity home build. The pitch is by managing site development related tasks, including excavation contractors, physically cleaning your homesite during construction, final home cleaning, and home painting, you can save what your … read more “Sweat Equity in On-Your-Land Homebuilding”