Advantages of the Turn-Key Solution

What does Turn-Key mean in on-your-land homebuilding? Site prep needs completed before construction begins on any on-your-land home and industry standard is the homeowner assumes the responsibility to handle all site prep. In an effort to make the complex building process easier, Simplicity Homes developed an exclusive Turn-Key Solution to help minimize the burden of … read more “Advantages of the Turn-Key Solution”

Tips on Purchasing Your First Investment Property

Buying a piece of property as an investment may be a good idea, especially now, when interest rates are relatively low and the housing market is strong. If you are thinking about purchasing a home for rental purposes, there are a number of things that you should think about first. Here are some tips when … read more “Tips on Purchasing Your First Investment Property”

Terms Every Homebuyer Should Know

It’s the ideal time to begin the process of building your brand new Simplicity home. But before you get started down this important path to becoming a new homeowner, it’s important that you understand the lingo – which is different than when purchasing a home via a standard Real Estate transaction. By familiarizing yourself with terms … read more “Terms Every Homebuyer Should Know”

5 Things You Should Know About Your Property Before Building

Building a home can be very exciting. However, it can be stressful, and it is important to know as much as you can about a piece of property before building on it. Before you say “I do!” to a new home, consider these important things that you should know about your land before construction starts. 1 … read more “5 Things You Should Know About Your Property Before Building”