Advantages of the Turn-Key Solution

What does Turn-Key mean in on-your-land homebuilding? Site prep needs completed before construction begins on any on-your-land home and industry standard is the homeowner assumes the responsibility to handle all site prep. In an effort to make the complex building process easier, Simplicity Homes developed an exclusive Turn-Key Solution to help minimize the burden of site development. Below we’ll discuss the advantages and the items included in this comprehensive service.

What is the Turn-Key Solution?

The Simplicity Homes Turn-Key Solution service greatly reduces our customer’s responsibilities associated with building a home on-your-land. The Turn-Key Solution removes the burden of “sweat equity” from your “to-do list” and is just one of the many advantages we offer compared to other on-your-land home builders. When chosen, this option allows our team to manage the most stressful segments of your home building journey, from the sometimes daunting permitting process to the homesite excavation.

Is it right for you?

Good question! One key advantage when choosing the Turn-Key Solution is your home will be built more efficiently with less stress. During this construction stage, you can expect to spend several hours a week coordinating and scheduling subcontractors. If you have a full-time job and a long list of priorities, you may not have the experience or extra time to dedicate to site prep. That’s when the Turn-Key Solution is a good fit.

Each jurisdiction has its own permit processes and procedures. With our Turn-Key Solution, Simplicity navigates through the complex permit process on your behalf and works with the jurisdiction directly. We know that your time is valuable, so our Turn-Key Solution is an excellent value for those with limited time, resources, and experience.

What’s included? Excavator photo

Our Turn-Key Solution is a comprehensive service to ease and reduce customer stress in managing site prep. Below are some items offered with our service. For a complete list or to learn more, click here.

  • Foundation excavation, backfill and final grading
  • Trenching and backfill for utilities within 50 ft.
  • Physical connection to existing utilities within 50 ft. of home
  • Underground power conduit
  • Temporary water spigot and permanent physical connection
  • Physical connection to sewer or onsite standard septic system
  • Exterior flatwork and garage prep
  • 8’x8’ concrete back patio
  • Submittable home site plan and complete permit packet
  • Payment of utility bills during construction
  • Builders Risk & Course of Construction Insurance
  • Manage site development sub-contractors and oversee quality and cost control
  • Onsite port-a-potty
  • And more

What about price?

Due to the relationships built and volume discounts we receive from our trade partners and suppliers, we can pass the savings to our customers, making our Turn-Key homes more cost-effective.

Simplicity Homes always provides transparent pricing through our online Instant Quote tool, which gives customers upfront real-time pricing. When using the Instant Quote tool, make sure to select the Turn-Key Solution for the complete and accurate price of this service for your home.

When you’re ready to learn more about our Turn-Key Solution and the benefits to you, contact us to speak to a New Home Advisor. Our New Home Advisors are available to assist with questions about the homebuilding journey and get you on the path to new homeownership.