Can I Build a Home in the Winter?

There’s a misconception that homes can’t be built in the winter especially in the cold, snowy, and rainy Pacific Northwest. But that’s just not true. New construction continues throughout the winter months which means you don’t have to wait until spring to start building your dream home.

Building new homes year-roundConstruction site during a winter build

New construction is a year-round industry. Just because the temperature drops and the precipitation starts falling, doesn’t mean the industry stops. Builders and subcontractors are used to building in all conditions especially in the ever-changing climate of the Pacific Northwest.

Winter build times

You’re probably thinking, “Won’t it take longer to build my home in the winter?” Maybe. Depending on extreme weather conditions, you could experience delays. However, experts know how to work around the winter obstacles and keep your home build on schedule. You may also have the advantage of fewer people building in the winter, so you aren’t competing with other homeowners for subcontractor’s time. This may mean the contractors can dedicate more time to your build and complete it quicker than in busier months.

Will it cost more?

Building a home in the winter may have some additional expenses such as concrete blanket rentals, rock hammering of frozen soils, and dehumidifiers for drying out framing. While no one wants added expenses, they’ll be minimal compared to the overall cost of the build. Remember to keep it in perspective. Is it worth paying the additional 6 months in rent while you wait for spring or does it financially make more sense to incur the winter add-ons? Depending on your specific build, the winter fees may not be deemed necessary.

Pros to building in winter

What are the benefits of building in the winter? When you build during what others consider the “off-season”, you have more dedicated time from contractors making it easier to stay on schedule. The complex permit process may be quicker because the jurisdictions have fewer permit applications to get through. Building in winter means you have a move-in date during spring. Not only is it easier to move your personal belongings during warmer months, but it also means you will be able to enjoy your home in the springtime; planting flowers or a garden, having neighbors over for cookouts, or enjoying a new patio.

Don’t delay building your dream home because it’s winter. Building now means you’ll be living in your new space in time to enjoy the warmer months. If you have further questions regarding building your new home in the winter, Simplicity Homes is here to help. Contact us to learn more about our winter new construction process.