Signs You’re Ready to Build a New Home

If you’re in the market for a new home in the Northwest, there are plenty of options from new construction to existing homes. But have you considered building your new home? Building a new home is a great way to get your dream home. Not sure which option is best for you? Here are some signs you’re ready to build a new home from the ground up.

You Have Realistic Expectations

One of the benefits of building a new home is getting exactly what you want. However, you also understand that you still need to plan for your dream home to fit within your budget. Knowing the type of home design and finishes you can afford before you start will make the building process smoother.

You also understand that building a new home takes time, especially when you want to get things just right. There are several factors that can affect the length of the building process but you’re willing to wait to build the perfect home.

You’ve Checked Your Numbers

You’ve done your due diligence and figured out how much you can comfortably afford to spend on a new home. You may not realize that building a new home can be just as cost effective as buying an existing home. When you consider not needing to renovate to make your home a better fit you’ll come out ahead by building from scratch.

That’s why we believe in full price transparency and offer our online Instant Quote tool. You won’t find any hidden or unpublished costs with us.

You Know Exactly What You Want

Not only do you know how much you can afford, you also know exactly what features you want in your new home. You’re starting to feel like Goldilocks as you struggle to find a home that’s just right. It can be discouraging touring countless open houses but coming up short. If you decide you don’t want to compromise by living in a home that’s near perfect, it’s time to consider building a new home.

You Don’t Like Surprises

There are few surprises people actually like, especially when it comes to homeownership. The potential for older homes to have something go wrong is always present. No one wants to uncover damaged plumbing when updating the kitchen or bathroom. Building a new home means avoiding the nasty surprises and typical maintenance that are often hiding in older homes.

You Want to Live in a Specific Neighborhood/Location

You have a laundry list of neighborhood qualities you want in your new neighborhood: safe area with low crime rates, great schools, parks, close to work, shopping and entertainment, or even family and friends. If you find you’re having a harder time finding the right home in your desired neighborhood, it may be worth finding the perfect lot and building your new home.

Simplicity Homes is Here for You

At Simplicity Homes, we’re dedicated to helping you build your dream home. We work to get your home completed on time without sacrificing quality. If you’re buying your first home (or your second or third) and want a custom-built home with state-of-the-art features, we can help.

We encourage you to visit us online at to learn more about our homebuilding process, how to get started, and to take advantage of our complimentary Homesite Evaluation. We look forward to helping you get moved into the home of your dreams!