DIY Christmas Decorations for Your New Home

Building a new home is an exciting undertaking, and one that can provide plenty of comfort and joy for you and your family, especially during the holiday season. But a new home can also leave you a little short on disposable income, and during the Christmas season, you may be looking into more DIY gift and decoration options to both save money and get in the holiday spirit. Here are some easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas for your new home.

Ice Lanterns

Candles are so festive during the holiday season, and having them aglow during your holiday meals and parties is a must. If you want to do something different and extra festive this year, try making an ice lantern. All you need for this project is a plastic container, water, plastic cups, some evergreen sprigs or winter berries (for decoration – these are optional), and tea lights. Put some water in both of your containers (plastic cup and larger container), and then set the cup within the larger container. Freeze overnight, and then run hot water over the outside of the container to remove it from the mold, and remove the plastic cup. Place a tea light candle in the hole made by the cup, and voila!

Make Some Snowmen Decorations

Snowmen are holiday classics, and no home is quite complete without at least one snowman on the mantelpiece. You can make easy, cute, snowmen at home using just a few materials: markers or paint, fabric, and white terra cotta pots (if you cannot find white ones, just paint them white). Once you have the pots, turn them upside down. Use your markers or paints to paint eyes, a carrot nose, and a smile. Using the fabric, create a “hat” for the pot but putting the fabric atop (like a sock), and then using a ribbon or string to tie a bow at the top of the hat. You can also make a scarf at the base of the pot. Get the whole family involved in this project!

No Tree? No Problem.

If you aren’t getting a tree this year (maybe you don’t want to deal with the mess, plan to be out of town, or are trying to go green), you can still get into the holiday spirit by putting up a corner pallet tree, which is adorable. This takes a little bit more work than the other two projects above, as you will need to find wood pallets and cut them to the appropriate size. The two biggest pallets (of equal size) will form the bottom layer of the tree, with their ends meeting at your wall’s corner. Atop of that set, you’ll place two more equally sized pallets, slightly smaller than the bottom layer. Continue until you’ve made a tree shape and reached the ceiling, where you can place a star. String some lights on your corner pallet tree, and your home will be as festive as ever!

Treat Yourself to a New Home this Holiday Season

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