Fall Lawn Care Tips

Love thick green lawns? Then you should start working now. Lawn experts all agree that the key to having a healthy lawn during the spring and summer months is the care you take during the fall season! The fall growing season is beneficial to the grass roots thanks to the cool and moist weather. Here are some simple fall lawn care tips that will help you have a healthier, happier lawn next spring.

Remove leaves

Leaving a layer of leaves on your lawn over winter does more harm than good. Leaves block sunlight and trap moisture, turning your lawn into a soggy, decaying mess in spring. It may feel like fighting a losing battle, but continue raking the leaves during the fall.

Keep mowing

Since grass continues to grow until the first winter frost, you should keep mowing your lawn as needed. Cut the grass to about 2-1/2 to 3 inches (cutting too short impedes the grass’ ability to grow deeper roots).

Loosen the soil

Aerating prevents soil from becoming compact and reduces the amount of thatch, bits of dead grass that piles up just above the soil, on the lawn. While some thatch is fine, too much will keep water, air, and other nutrients from reaching the roots. Aerating will loosen the soil by removing plugs of soil. You can rent an aerator or hire a lawn care service to handle it for you.

Add fertilizer

Applying fertilizer to your lawn helps replace the nutrients your lawn may have lost over the summer. The fertilizer gives your lawn plenty of nutrients to get through the winter and allows the roots to grow deeper, helping your lawn to grow stronger in spring.

Seed bare spots

The summer is tough on our lawns thanks to wear and tear so reseed any bare patches you find in your lawn.

With a little work now, your family can enjoy a thick and healthy lawn next year. 

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