Interior Design Trends for 2018

Part of the joy of moving into a brand new, never-been-lived-in, home is the interior decorating that comes after moving in. If you are building or moving into a new home in 2018, and are looking for new, creative interior design ideas, then we have some popular trends to keep in in mind.

Copper and Concrete

Perhaps it’s the drive to be more nature-centric that is encouraging copper and concrete fixtures and features within the home. Or, perhaps it’s that these materials are clean, smooth, and crisp. Whatever the reason, concrete and copper are a huge hit in 2018, replacing things like granite and stainless steel as two of the most popular materials within a home.

Floral Patterns and Pops of Colors

To contrast with the simplistic and serious effect that copper and concrete have, floral patterns and pops of color are also being incorporated into home design this year. Floral patterns are popular for wallpaper (but just a single accent wall!), as well as throw pillows or seat cushions. Favorite colors for sofas and throws include burnt yellow, shades of red, and even pink. As a note, velvet is a very popular material for seating this year, too.

Local Features and Crafted Classics

Many interior designers are turning to local artists and creators for finishing touches with a home, ranging from artisan light fixtures to canvas painting to sculptures to pieces of furniture and more. These local touches are being used to create a more personal and warmer feeling within a home. In addition, when you incorporate local products, you support your local businesses and that’s a great thing to remember.

Natural Elements

 If nature was ever ignored within the home, it has responded by making a huge appearance in 2018. From natural elements like wood and naturally-occurring materials (stone, copper, concrete) to floral patterns t

o natural lighting, and from big windows to lots of indoor plants, many are recognizing the important nature is to health and wellbeing, and are seeking to incorporate more of it within the home. Having an abundance of natural materials in the home also serves as a good reminder to be environmentally conscientious and take care of our local environments.

Simple, Clean, and Open Spaces

Finally, the idea of simple, clean, and open spaces that has been present in interior decorating for the past few years will continue into 2018. Too much clutter, too much color, and overwhelming patterns can feel overly busy and chaotic – not to mention it’s not very pet or kid friendly. Rather than going big, most interior designers are choosing a few select items and accents to a give a home a unique touch and feel, emphasizing openness, serenity, and peace.

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