Can I Build an ADU on My Property?

What is an ADU?

ADU is a term that we use a lot in the homebuilding industry, but what are they? Some terms you may be more familiar with may be: 

  • In-law suites
  • Guesthouses
  • Secondary suites
  • Or even tiny homes.

ADUs are accessory dwelling units, and they are more than just homes for your parents or relatives. In fact, in today’s highly competitive real estate and homebuilding market, they are being utilized as rental homes to offset homeowners’ own mortgages. 

ADUs are ideal for those looking to move into a minimalist, low-cost primary residence, or for additional rental income. Built as a secondary housing unit on an existing single-family property or lot, ADUs can be a smart long-term investment to help offset today’s expensive housing costs and mortgage prices.

Can I Build an Accessory Dwelling Unit on My Property?

Portland, Oregon, has been one of the major cities leading the way on ADUs, but now city municipalities in other states are modifying property laws to accommodate these dwellings, too.

We have seen an upswing in local governments approving new laws or adjusting existing laws to allow for such living spaces on homeowner properties. Just recently, Boise, Idaho, amended its ADU requirements so the dwellings can now be up to 700 sq ft. and 2 bedrooms.

ADUs may not be legal in every city or state. It’s important to review the laws in your jurisdiction to make sure you can build an ADU on your property.

Benefits of ADUs

There are a plethora of benefits for building an ADU on your property. 

Whether you are looking to down-size and cut your living expenses or build an ADU to add revenue to your portfolio, these are just some of the many reasons homeowners, land owners, and investors are building ADUs. 

ADU Benefits for Land Owners/ADUs as an Affordable Primary Residence

Do you want to save money on building costs or housing prices while embracing a simpler lifestyle? 

Many families and individuals in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho are doing just that by constructing ADUs on their property to reduce their home building costs and living expenses.

The ADU and tiny home movement has taken off during the last several years. Many people are turning away from larger homes and looking for a smaller, more economical, simpler way of living. ADUs offer a solution for people needing their own dedicated living space, but with lower building costs and/or rent than traditional housing.

Short-Term Rental Benefits of ADUs

Building an ADU on your existing residential property could be a profitable investment for your family. These smaller stick-built homes can be more feasible solutions for those wanting to enter the rental market.

You can make extra income or pay down a mortgage when you build an ADU on your property or land. If you live near a vacation destination or city, you can rent it out as a short-term rental via AirBnB or VRBO.

Long-Term Rental Benefits of ADUs

If hosting guests isn’t your cup of tea, long-term ADU rentals are another great solution for turning your property into income. 

Putting an ADU on land you own on your primary property or elsewhere can be a great way to turn unused space into passive income. Build an ADU on your property and put it up for rent as a long-term rental. 

ADU Benefits For Investors

Recent inflation in the real estate market and the cost of building materials have also made ADU developments ideal for investors and investment groups. 

Investing in ADUs or ADU housing developments can help create more affordable rental properties for families in the Pacific Northwest and Idaho, while expanding your or your firm’s real estate portfolio and rental income.

You can view some of our recent ADU projects for investors here.

ADUs as a Multi-Generational Living Solution

There’s a reason ADUs can be called in-law suites. Maybe it’s time to move your parents (or your in-laws) near you into a more compact, lower-maintenance living space.

Where I Can Get More Information About the Rules for Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit on My Property?

So you’ve decided you want to build an ADU on your property. What’s next?

Research your local city’s laws on ADUs for determining size, setbacks, and other guidelines. Your city government website is a good place to start finding this information.

Our team at Simplicity Homes (by Hayden Homes) can build an ADU on your property in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Contact us today for more information on building an ADU on your property. 

Where Would I Begin to Find Information About Adding an ADU?

Once you know you can build an ADU on a new or existing property, contact Simplicity Homes for a free homesite evaluation so we can advise you on the best solutions for your specific property.

You can also check out our smart-sized WiseSize homes online — we offer cottage- and modern-style homes ranging from 400-1064 sq ft. and up to 3 bedrooms.

Contact Simplicity Homes to Start Building an ADU on Your Property

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us today, and our New Home Advisors will help you begin the building process for an ADU on your land.