Tiny Home Builders in Oregon

Tiny Home Builders in Oregon

Everyone’s heard the saying “bigger is better” in reference to homes, but going big isn’t for everyone — which is why at Simplicity, we suggest you can live big in a tiny home!

What is a Tiny Home?

If you aren’t familiar with tiny homes, they are exactly what they sound like. They are houses that have all the amenities and comforts of a full-sized home in a much smaller space.  

At Simplicity Homes, our WiseSize tiny homes range from a 400-square-foot single bed and bathroom floorplan to a 1,064-square-foot floor plan with three beds and two bathrooms. 

Learn more about our WiseSize tiny homes. 

Benefits of a Tiny Homes

There are tons of great benefits of building a tiny home. Here are a few key reasons why many residents in Oregon are making tiny homes their primary residence:

Tiny Homes Offer More Affordable Living Solutions

Unlike larger homes that have substantially higher building costs, tiny homes offer much more affordable living solutions. 

Tiny homes give our clients the ability to build a home on their land and capture the dream of homeownership for a fraction of the cost of a full-sized home. 

If a simpler, minimalist lifestyle is alluring to you, a tiny home may be perfect for you. 

Tiny Homes are Environmentally Friendly

Another reason demand is increasing for tiny home builders in Oregon is the fact that smaller homes are very environmentally friendly. 

These homes not only take up very little space and have a very low carbon footprint, but they also result in less energy use, helping the planet while padding your pocketbook.

Tiny Homes Allow You to Focus on What Matters

Another major reason many people transition into a smaller home is to declutter and embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Minimalists realize that value and happiness in life do not come from material things, but from experiences and relationships.

Tiny Homes Help You Save Time

Maintaining, cleaning, and taking care of a full-sized house can be like having a second full-time job.

You won’t believe the time you’ll save on homecare and maintenance when you build and move into your tiny home. 

Tiny Home Builders in Oregon | Benefits of Tiny Homes

1. Benefits for Home and Land Owners

Interested in cutting housing expenses and investing in a simpler lifestyle? How about living in a tiny home full-time? Many families and individuals in Oregon are joining the tiny home movement and building tiny homes on their land to lower the costs of building and living in a historically high housing market.

2. Short Term Rental Benefits for Home and Land Owners

Building a tiny home on your existing home’s property makes for a great source of short-term rental income. If you live near a city, scenic area, or tourist destination in Oregon, you can market and list your tiny home on AirBNB or VRBO. Listing your tiny home as a short-term rental is a great way to build your passive income or help you pay down a mortgage.

3. Long Term Rental Benefits for Home and Land Owners 

Building a tiny home on your existing home’s lot is another cost-effective way to grow your income with a long-term rental property. Many of our clients are building tiny homes on their lot or adjacent to their primary residence to create another revenue stream from long-term tiny home renters.

4. Benefits For Investors

Investors are putting their money into tiny home builders in Oregon to create more affordable rental options for individuals and families in the PNW. 

With the inordinate rise in real estate and rent costs, investment groups have seen an opportunity to expand their portfolios by providing more affordable rental solutions for families that can’t afford the rise in building costs and the real estate market. 


You can view some of our recent ADU projects for investors here.

5. Multigenerational Housing Options with Tiny Homes

Maybe it’s time for your parents to relocate into a smaller, less-maintenance living space closer to you. Tiny homes can be a perfect fit for situations like this.

Can I Build a Tiny House On My Land in Oregon?

The answer to this question is tricky, and it depends on the laws of the local jurisdiction. Some cities and towns may allow tiny homes while others do not.

It may depend on the build of the tiny home. For example, some tiny homes are built on wheels, and while that might sound adventurous, those homes are typically illegal in Oregon when used as accessory dwelling units.

The best way to determine if you can build a tiny home on your land in Oregon is to research your city government’s website to learn more about your tiny home options.

What Makes a Good Tiny Home Builder?

One of the most important qualities you can find in an Oregon tiny home builder is just that: quality.

What makes Simplicity Homes’ tiny homes different is that they’re frame-built, just like our larger homes, on permanent foundations. Our homes are constructed with all the same materials you’ll find in our other homes and are built to last.

We currently offer 4 tiny home plans:

The Acadia

The Acadia is the smallest of our plans. It is a 400-square-foot 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom tiny home. This home is built to maximize every inch of space, combining the dining, living, and kitchen areas into one space and offering a separate bath and bedroom.

The Aspen

The Aspen comes in at 600 square feet, with both a 1- and 2-bedroom option, an ample-sized utility room, and a spacious kitchen with a breakfast bar.

The Argent

The Argent is designed for families and individuals who want a little more space. This tiny home is 880 square feet, which is considered to be quite big for a tiny home, and offers 2 bedrooms and a single bathroom.

The Austin

The Austin dwarfs the Argent with a whopping (for a tiny home) 1064 square feet, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. If you want to live big in a tiny home, then the Austin is the home plan for you.

Contact Simplicity Homes’ Tiny Home Builders in Oregon

Have you always wanted to design your own home but aren’t sure you’ll be able to afford something large? Do you love the idea of homeownership but are concerned about the environmental implications? Or do you just like a cozy, size-efficient home? With a tiny home, you can have the best of both worlds.

To learn more, contact Simplicity and check out our WiseSize tiny home plans.