Spring Cleaning and Organizing Your Home

It’s that time of year again! And even if you’re in a brand new home, there are surely some minor cleaning and maintenance chores to tackle before the weather gets too hot to handle. New home or old, here are some spring cleaning and organizing guidelines that will provide you peace of mind when it’s all over.

Spring Cleaning and Organizing: Areas to Tackle

 There are four primary areas of your property to take on for spring cleaning: the inside, the garage, the exterior of your home (roof, siding, etc.), and the yard. Cleaning the interior of your home in and of itself can be a lot of work. One must take into account things like:

  • Cleaning the oven and other kitchen appliances;
  • Washing walls;
  • Dusting ceiling fans;
  • Cleaning air vents and replacing filters;
  • Cleaning tile;
  • Organizing the pantry;
  • Cleaning out closets.

Do a walk-through of your home and determine what you have time for! Next, create a prioritized list of things to address so that you can break up the tasks across a few days, or even a couple of weeks. Listen to a good podcast, your favorite musician or use the time to have a good conversation with a family member or friend who may be helping you.

  •  Your garage could probably use some TLC. Luckily, if your home is pretty new, there probably won’t be too much to handle. At the very least, throw out or donate items you don’t need, put items you do need into labeled bins, sweep the garage floor, and make sure any toxic or dangerous items are locked and out of children’s and pets’ reach.
  •  The exterior of your home refers to things like your siding, porch, windows, doors, gutters, and roof. Start by inspecting all of these things. You want to make sure that there are no shingles missing from your roof, and that your gutters are clean. If your new home has gone through a winter, it could probably benefit from a gentle wash to remove dirt and grime, too.
  •  Outdoors and Yard. Once the weather warms, getting outside and doing yard work can actually be very pleasant, and much less tedious than scrubbing toilets and cleaning floorboards indoors. This is the fun stuff – prepping your garden beds, fertilizing your lawn, and making sure your garden tools are all in working condition. Remember, it’s best to wait to plant your garden in the northwest until after Mother’s Day, as frost after this date is far less common (but not a guarantee).

Keep Your New Home Looking Great

Is a dated home taking more and more of your time to spring clean and maintain each year? If you’re thinking about moving, why not consider something brand new? New homes are easier to maintain, and require less work and fewer costs throughout the year. And with regular spring cleaning and organizing, you can keep your new home looking amazing!

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