Why Freezing Temperatures Wear on Older Homes

Living in an older home has a certain charm. And then there’s the winter. And when it comes to older homes and freezing temperatures in the Northwest, any owner will tell you it can be a challenge to take care of an older home when the temperatures drop. Here’s a look at why older homes and freezing temperatures can be difficult to mitigate.

Older Appliances are Worked Harder

Older homes are typically harder on appliances such as a furnace in the winter months. Older homes often have outdated furnaces that run a higher risk of mechanical failure and could potentially cause a house fire. Your older home might have a wood burning stove to help combat the cold, but anyone who has used a wood stove as a primary, or even secondary, source of heat during a long winter knows it’s a lot to maintain.

Pipes May Freeze

If a home isn’t well insulated, pipes can freeze when temperatures drop below freezing, creating a huge risk of property damage. While there are steps that can be taken to avoid frozen pipes, frozen pipes are something that owners of new homes rarely have to worry about, thanks to modern-day plumbing, insulation materials and best practices.

Doors and Window Are Drafty

If you live in an older home, you may know too well the struggle of staying warm and cozy and – at the same time – having a reasonable energy bill during winter.. While old windows such as stained glass or antique frames may be pretty to look at, these older windows tend to be quite drafty. In fact, windows of older homes may even form ice on the inside during the wintertime.

Roofs Can Leak

The last thing a homeowner wants to experience after a long winter is a leaky roof, but when temperatures start to warm, this is typically when homeowners realize the problem. Roof leaks are expensive to repair, especially if the leak causes damage to the insulation, plywood or framing within the home.

Beat the Cold By Investing in a Brand New Home

One way that you can make the most of the wintertime, stay comfortable, and secure peace of mind is by investing in a brand new home that offers industry leading plumbing, insulation, roofing windows and doors. Newer systems – like a plumbing system – are also less vulnerable to freezing temperatures, meaning that you can live out the coldest of days without having to think twice about whether or not your home is going to make it through.

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