Tips on Preparing Your Home to Sell

If you are getting ready to sell your home in preparation to move, there are a few tips and tricks that will improve the chances of finding the right buyer at the right price. Here are some of those things to consider:


Replace Old or Damaged FlooringRelated image

While it may seem nonsensical to invest in replacing your flooring as you’re getting ready to sell, replacing the flooring in your home is one of the easiest ways to improve your home’s value. Faded, stained, and worn carpet will quickly diminish the perceived value of your home, and when you take advantage of specials, like Home Depot’s complimentary carpet tear-out and new carpet installation, you can replace your flooring without spending a fortune or a ton of time.


Make Your Home Roomier

Even if you’re not an interior decorator, there are a few easy things that you can do to make your home look roomier and feel larger than it currently does. First, make sure that any excessive items are moved to storage – no prospective home buyer wants to see a home that’s full of clutter. Next, invest in lighting, as a well-lit area makes things look bigger, brighter, and more welcoming. You can also use light colors for paint on the walls, and hang mirrors, both of which will reflect light and make things feel roomier.


Do Basic Repairs

Have a lot of paint chips? Does the sink leak? Have you been meaning to fix that broken stair, but have yet to do it? Investing a little time and money on basic repairs will help you to get your money’s worth when you put your house on the market.


Related imageMake Your Yard Look Great

If you have a yard, do not make the mistake of letting it overgrow and go unattended. The front of your home – and your yard! – is the very first thing that a potential buyer will see, and therefore is critical for a good first impression. If it has been a while since you gave your yard the TLC that it deserves, dedicate the weekend to pulling weeds, cutting the grass, and planting some flowers. While you are at it, touch up other features of your home’s facade as well, like chipped paint on the railing, missing shingles, etc.


Deep Clean

Finally, before you open your home up to showings or host open houses, make sure you give your home a “white glove inspection” and a deep clean. If you don’t have the time or aren’t eager to scrub the floorboards, hire a professional company that can get the job done for you. A home should be impeccable when it is listed for sale. Blinds should be cleaned, window tracks, floorboards, tile and grout, etc.

Hopefully these tips are useful to you as you prepare for one of your life’s most exciting transitions. Have more questions? Simplicity can help. Contact us today by calling (877) 417-4675 for more tips from our Customer Resource team.