When Refinancing Makes Sense, and When it Doesn’t

If you are thinking about selling your old home and building a new home, but aren’t sure if doing so is the right choice for you at this stage in life, consider this list of reasons to say goodbye to your current abode. 1. You’re Looking to Expand If you’re expanding your family, your current … read more “When Refinancing Makes Sense, and When it Doesn’t”

Terms Every Homebuyer Should Know

It’s the ideal time to begin the process of building your brand new Simplicity home. But before you get started down this important path to becoming a new homeowner, it’s important that you understand the lingo – which is different than when purchasing a home via a standard Real Estate transaction. By familiarizing yourself with terms … read more “Terms Every Homebuyer Should Know”

What Experts Are Saying About the Housing Market in 2017

Whether you are a homeowner thinking about selling, or a prospective buyer on the market, knowing what’s in store for the housing market over the course of the year can help you make smart financial decisions. Based on opinions published in Forbes and BankRate.com, here’s some information about what the experts are saying about the … read more “What Experts Are Saying About the Housing Market in 2017”