Your Homebuilding Journey – What to Expect from Land to Keys in Hand

Does building a new home on-your-land sounds exciting, but wonder what happens during the building process? Below we’ve outlined what to expect during your homebuilding journey from land to keys in hand.

Step 1: Land & Lending

Many people have the misconception that you need to own land before you can consider building a new home. If you don’t have land, don’t wait to contact us. A Simplicity New Home Advisor can provide you with pro tips for researching land and what to look for before you buy. Already own land? Reach out to discuss your property details.

Another essential step is financing your build. Ask about our list of lenders who can provide details about construction financing and can complete a pre-approval.

Step 2: Home Plans

The next step is finding the perfect home plan that fits your family’s needs. With over 40 home plans – each with its own set of unique features and options – we have a home for everyone.

But what about the price? We take the guesswork out of new home pricing by offering instant, transparent pricing with our online Instant Quote Tool. You can receive pricing anytime – day or night. If you prefer to discuss the pricing of your favorite home plan in person, schedule an appointment with one of our professional New Home Advisors.

Step 3: Homesite Evaluation

Before building, it’s important to meet on-your-land to discuss homesite development improvements, such as, home placement, driveway, utilities, and excavation, to name a few. A homesite evaluation provides us with the unique details specific to your lot, so we’re prepared when it’s time to break ground. At Simplicity, our homesite evaluations are always free and don’t require a contract.

Step 4: Contract

Now the fun really starts! During the contract phrase of your homebuilding journey, you will meet with a New Home Advisor at one of our professional design centers to select colors and options, making your new home a reflection of your unique personality. In this step, you’ll review your new home budget and complete the Simplicity Contract Agreement.

Step 5: Pre-Construction

Wonder how your home is built just for you? Our Pre-Construction Team is making sure the “i’s are dotted, and t’s are crossed.” They assemble important information to make sure you’re getting what is expected.

Step 6: Permits

Each jurisdiction has their own permit packet that needs to be completed and submitted before work can begin on your home. If you choose the Simplicity Turn-Key Solution, our permit team submits and tracks the permit packet on your behalf. It also means Simplicity assumes responsibility to manage, coordinate, and schedule numerous site development related tasks, reducing customer stress and responsibilities.

 Step 7: Funding

Financing or Paying Cash? Either way our Accounting Team is here to support and guide you. Working on your behalf, our team navigates the complexities of the construction loan. Our long-term lender partnerships streamline this stage of the homebuilding journey resulting in an easier, more efficient funding process for you. Our Accounting Team is here for you from contract to completion!

Step 8: Construction

Groundbreaking begins! During the construction phase, our dedicated construction team oversees your home’s progress from foundation to finish. This is where pieces of the homebuilding puzzle come together, and we make a house your home.

Step 9: Orientation

Wow, you’re almost at the end of your homebuilding journey! Before move-in, our Simplicity Construction Team will do a final walk-through with you to review home-specific features and explain how your new home lives.

Step 10: Welcome Home

Congratulations, you did it! You now have keys-in-hand and are ready to move-in and enjoy your new home! Don’t worry, if you have questions after you’re settled in, our Customer Service Team is still here to help.

We know that building a home on-your-land can seem overwhelming and complex, but we make it simple. Our team is here to support you and make building your future home a positive and exciting experience. When you’re ready, contact us and we’ll get you started on the exciting journey towards your dream home!