Essential Things to Do Before Leaving for Vacation

The days before leaving on a vacation always feel overwhelming. Often, you’re spending those precious days making sure you’ve packed everything you need because the last thing you want to deal with is that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something.

Before you leave for your well-deserved trip, remember to get your home ready for your absence. To help, we’ve put together this simple guide to prepare your home.

Notify security

If your home is professionally monitored, let your security company know when you’ll be away.

Set the thermostat and water heater

Don’t waste money and energy cooling an empty home! Before leaving home, set your thermostat to 85 degrees (a recommended range is between 80 to 85 degrees). Programmable or smart thermostats make this task easy (especially if you forget and are able to change it on the go). You can also set your thermostat to a cooler temperature so your home is comfortable when you return.

While you don’t want to completely turn off the water heater, most newer models include a vacation setting that will conserve energy while you’re away. If your water heater doesn’t have this setting, you can simply dial down the temperature a couple of degrees. Be sure to check your manual for recommended settings.

Unplug small appliances

Right before you head out the door, unplug small appliances like TVs, computers, and coffee makers. It may seem like a small thing but it can add up to some savings!

Place a hold on mail and newspaper deliveries

Submit a hold on all deliveries while you’re away. Piles of newspapers and stuffed mailboxes are surefire signs that your home is empty. You can also have a trusted neighbor or family member pick up the mail while you’re gone.

Clean your home

We hear you: finding the time to clean your home before leaving is a drag but your future self will be grateful! Check the refrigerator and remove anything that will expire while you’re away. Toss any open boxes or bags in the pantry to prevent possible pest infestations.

Clean and rinse the sink, making sure to flush out any food waste hanging in the disposal. A good option is running the disposal with a half cup of vinegar with some water. And take out the trash before leaving.

Make use of light timers

Set some lights in different rooms on timers so they automatically turn on and off, making it look like someone is at home. Vary the pattern so the lights turn on and off at different times. Also, consider installing motion-activated exterior lights as an additional deterrent.

Check the doors and windows

It seems obvious, but go through your home and make sure each exterior door is locked as well as each window. It’s also recommended to remove any hidden spare keys. You may think you’ve cleverly hidden them, but burglars are fairly adept at finding them.

Following these tips for preparing and securing your home before leaving will ensure you’re able to fully enjoy your vacation without worry and make your homecoming sweet.

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