How to Settle into Your New Simplicity Home

Congratulations! You’ve closed on your new Simplicity home and now have the keys in your hand. Your homebuying journey has ended, but now you’re about to embark on a new one: homeownership! There’s still plenty to do to make your new house feel more like home. Use these tips and suggestions to help your entire family feel at home.

Handle all the important paperwork and services

There’s a bit more paperwork left to do post-closing. Now it’s time to fill out a change-of-address form with your local post office and notify the local DMV, your bank, and insurance providers of your new address. You’ll also need to transfer necessary utilities and services to your new address. Most providers let you handle this task online. Don’t forget to fill out warranty cards online or mail them in to activate your new appliance warranties.

Store important documents

Save all the paperwork for your new home, including contracts, receipts, and home warranty documents. Keep all this information in a single place or stored on the USB drive Simplicity supplied at your new home orientation, so you don’t have to hunt through your home if an issue arises.

Organize and prioritize unpacking

You don’t have to unpack everything in a day (or even weekend). Before your move begins, prioritize which rooms will be unpacked first. Start with the bedrooms, especially if you have kids, so everyone has a room to sleep in at night. Then move onto the bathrooms: unpack toiletries, mats and shower curtains, and set out some fresh towels. Finally, move to the kitchen and set up essential items like the coffee maker, plates, cups, a few utensils, a toaster and maybe a frying pan so you can make breakfast the next morning.

Once your priority rooms are set up, unpack a single room at a time. This will keep you focused and reduce the overwhelming dread of being surrounded by boxes. It’s better having a single room finished instead of several rooms that are half done.

Get back to your regular routine

Moving can quickly take over your life and feel like it’s never ending. Clear out empty moving boxes as quickly as possible so you can return to your normal routine. If there are activities your family looks forward to each week, don’t skip them! Your routine doesn’t have to change because your location has.

Explore your new neighborhood

One of the best ways to get settled in your new home is to explore your new neighborhood. Take a walk and begin to meet your new neighbors, get acquainted with the sights and sounds of the community, and start to get into the rhythm of the community.

New home and chill

Moving and setting up a house isn’t always easy so it’s important to take time to relax. Your days may be busy with coordinating new schedules and discovering your new neighborhood, so take some time in the evening to enjoy your new home.

We’re excited that you’ve chosen Simplicity to build your new home! If you’re still looking for a new place, we’d love to build you a quality Simplicity home on your land. Contact us today to learn more about how we help!