Tips for the New Home Final Walk-Through

You’ve searched for the perfect lot, builder, and home plan. Now you’ve gotten word that it’s time for the final walk-through of your new home. It’s important to be prepared because the walkthrough is an important part of the home building process.  

Here are some tips you can use to make sure your final walkthrough of your new home is a successful and productive one.

Come prepared

Make sure to bring all the essential paperwork with you, including your final contract (this will outline everything that should be in the home at completion, like appliances, features, and specific finishes), a notepad to take down additional notes, observations, or questions, a phone to take pictures of anything you’d like to record, and the inspection summary.

Confirm repairs have been completed

Your first task should be to confirm that all your requested repairs have been addressed. This is where your inspection summary will come in handy. Make sure everything has been completed to your satisfaction. Establish a timeline if additional work needs to be completed.

Pay attention to detail

While you’re walking through the home, pay close attention to everything. Carefully examine each surface, fixture, and wall for possible damage. Inspect the flooring to make sure everything is level and the carpet is stretched properly. Look over the faucets and plumbing fixtures to make sure they work properly. Builders prefer to address issues before you move in, so if you spot something during your walkthrough, be sure to say something!

Test everything

Make sure everything works in your home. Take time to open and close every door and drawer, check windows and test the outlets and other electrical systems, like the doorbell and garage door. Turn on the faucets to make sure the hot water runs, doesn’t leak and drains properly. Try out the heating and air condition, and each appliance in the home.  

Ask questions

Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions! The final walkthrough is your opportunity to ask every question you have. Use this as your time to learn how to operate the appliances or technology in your home, how to maintain them and upkeep your home, and the builder’s warranty process, especially if you’re a first-time homeowner.

At Simplicity Homes, we understand how exciting the home building process is, especially when you finally get the keys to your newly built home. We pride ourselves on quickly building your new home without sacrificing quality. To learn more about our homebuilding process and how to get started, reach out to us today. We look forward to helping you get moved into the home of your dreams!