Tips for Finding Land to Build Your Dream Home On

One of the first steps in your homebuilding journey is finding land for your dream home. Picking a location you love is key to the enjoyment of your home for many years. Here are some tips for finding land on which to build your new home.

Determine What Elements of a Location Matter Most to YouImage result for neighborhood park

Each person is unique, and what each person wants from a location perspective is different from one person to another. Some homeowners are looking for acreage, providing plenty of space for a spacious yard; while others want land that is located in an area with big mature trees or access to trails and recreation; and yet others care more about a feeling of community, good schools, young kids in the neighborhood, or an easy commute to work.

Take some time to think about what elements you’re looking for in a location for your new home. What things are most important? What things are you willing to sacrifice?

Find a Good, Local Realtor

An experienced local realtor who knows the area will be key in your land search. Once you have figured out approximately where you want to live and what things you’re looking for, hire a realtor who will be in the know about land for sale that meets your criteria.

Check Out Established Neighborhoods

If you know that there are neighborhoods you like and that are well-established, it is worth your time to check out the neighborhoods to see if there are any vacant lots for sale. Sometimes, just driving or walking through a neighborhood that you like in the northwest can yield positive results.

Ask Friends, Family, and Locals

If the resources listed above have been exhausted, the next step is to ask the advice of friends, family, and locals. Asking around might be a good way to find out where there are lots for sale for new home construction.

Ready to Design Your Own Home?

If you have been thinking about designing your own custom home in the Northwest, Simplicity can help. We build homes on your land, which gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility. If you have questions about our home plans or want to meet with one of our professionals to learn more about the home building process, contact us today. We can’t wait to help you build the home of your dreams!